Verified: Best Deal for November 28, 2020


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Stop working so hard (or hardly working) and grab this super fun discount to Digital Playground! Digital Playground might sound like it isn’t a serious name, but this is one of today’s top producers of adult content in the porn industry!



And on, they have made it possible for you to partake of every single one of their adult dvds in one place! With a deal like this and so much hot porn available, it almost makes sense to cancel Netflix or hulu, because nothing can possibly compete for your cock’s attention like the hot offerings on Digital Playground can!

Show of hands: who out there loves a good porn parody? Yeah, we love to laugh and cum as well. Well, on Digital Playground, they give you the ultimate after-work de-stressing tool in the form of a carefully curated collection of hot XXX parodies that will have you laughing and releasing all that tension, and then blowing off a much needed load!

Digital Playground has all the most recent porn parodies from television shows and mainstream Hollywood movies. Some of their super cool offerings are: How I Fucked Your Mother (hahaha!), The Offenders, Whor: Goddess of Thunder, Zelda: Flesh of the Wild, Guardians of the Gonad, “Ass” Effect XXX, Sherlock XXX, X Files XXX, Pirates of the Caribbean XXX, Kill Bill XXX, Game of Balls, Last Cock Standing, and Stryker.

And for those of you out there who love Star Wars, check out: Star Wrecked, Star Wars: The Last Temptation XXX, Star Wars: Underworld XXX, Star Wars: One Sith-XXX, Star Wars Force Awakens XXX – like dude, use the force already and get off!

Besides a great parody collection, you will find plenty of hot full-length feature DVDs and scenes from every other niche under the sun. We even noticed some “vintage” porn from circa 2000 on here, but guess what? It looked great. While full HD is the standard quality here, even the older films on Digital Playground have clearly stood the test of time and tech.

Now, fair warning: Digital Playground’s default membership is streaming only. As such, if you want to be able to download their content, you will need to pay extra to upgrade your membership. Obviously if you are a serious collector of their brand, then this cheap porn deal will come in handy and let you justify the extra cost. Otherwise though, streaming works for Netflix, right?

Digital Playground members have approximately 4,000+ movies already to enjoy. And with daily updates, you always have something fresh. And thanks to Digital Playground’s search features, it’s easier than ever to sort through content and find exactly what you want to see (unlike Netflix!)

Don’t be ‘all work and no play’ – because Digital Playground is “hard” at work, giving you more than enough reason to stop and play with yourself, that’s for damn sure.

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